How do You Protect Your Loved Ones?

Do you worry about your parents living in the home they refuse to leave? Are you and your loved ones safe in your current house or apartment?

Like so many parents, Anne and Thomas didn’t want to leave our childhood home. That big beautiful house had seen the joys and hardships of raising a family for decades.

Photo by Alturas Homes from Pexels

It seemed like a nice neighborhood. Surrounded by fellow Church members and families, they felt safe and secure. Anne could walk to Church. Thomas could be at the golf course in less than 5 minutes. They loved that old house and the neighborhood they had known for so long. Downsizing was not an option they ever even considered.

The old family home was a 2 story monster – with an attic and a basement. The side door was rarely locked. The basement windows provided an easy entrance for just about any average size bad guys. Burglars just didn’t hit our neighborhood. Or, so we thought. Once thriving neighborhoods have slowly declined over the past few decades.

Over the years the number of school age children had started to dwindle. Their block had around 100 kids back in the 70s. All those kids are grown up and moved away now. Far fewer eyes to watch out for the bad guys.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you worried about your parents safety? Protect Your Loved ones!

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