How to Lose Weight – for a price

 I thought I’d been around long enough to have heard it all!

  Until yesterday afternoon.

  Driving along enjoying the snow covered Winter countryside, I heard the most incredible radio spot.

    Weight reduction surgery  for “only $12,500”. My first car cost less than that – and it is still running – somewhere! If the hospital is spending money for advertising – they must be getting some poor, desperate souls to shell out the dough – or sign on for their convenient “ payment plan”. I wonder how long it takes for them to reduce your weight surgically?

    And what are the long term effects of this fat-reduction surgery?

    Wouldn’t it be much simpler and far less expensive to lead a healthier lifestyle – and enjoy life more in a healthy, fit body? Wouldn’t it be a better long term solution to get fit and stay fit?  To enjoy more energy in everything we do?  To enjoy a better outlook on life?  To require less medical care than the average person who is not as healthy?

     Health care costs have increased each year for as far back as most of us can remember. And, by all accounts are expected to continue their upward spiral.

     Save your money. Protect your assets – start getting in shape fast and enjoy a better, healthier lifestyle! If weight loss is one of your goals – you can start eating healthy, get plenty of exercise and lose weight fast!  Health and fitness experts agree – the quickest way to lose weight is with plenty of exercise and healthy eating habits! Or you could sign up for the miracle weight reducing surgery cure – for only $12,500!


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  1. Thought this was great! Good job

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