Numerous university and hospital studies seem to arrive at the same conclusion –  happiness actually increases with age. As we age we tend to gain wisdom and a generally better perspective on life’s many twists and turns. Many develop a more realistic, lowering of expectations, and a tendency to be more easily content with what they have.

    A proactive approach to living a healthy lifestyle offers your best opportunity to preserve your vitality. Simple habits yield healthy results. Get more sleep, exercise, eat right, and get annual checkups. Accept and adapt to your limitations. Growing older tends to slow many of us down a little. I may not hit 100 mph serves while playing tennis anymore. And, I still love playing. Aging doesn’t mean we have to give up activities we love.


Studies also show that optimists live longer, more satisfying lives. So if you’re not exactly the optimistic type, you might benefit by learning to be one. Vow to make your first thought of the day a positive one. Many people get a certain peace of mind through early morning prayer.  Join the countless millions who enjoy a little early morning exercise. Try to read something positive like some inspirational quotes or affirmations to start your day off right.

Try new things. It will help keep your mind sharp. Focus on today. Don’t look back—stay in the creative mind. Regret is such a destructive and useless emotion. Try to avoid it.  If your life isn’t how you imagined it would be, forgive yourself, embrace the lessons you’ve learned  from your mistakes and then move forward! Edison didn’t waste a moment worrying about his many failed attempts – he used what he had learned and kept moving forward!

    You can enjoy a much better quality of life if you get a little exercise most days of the week. Combine healthy eating habits with your daily exercise and enjoy a much healthier and happier lifestyle!  Whether you are out to improve your self esteem or striving to get rid of that pot belly you’ve been lugging around – start getting in shape fast and watch your quality of life improve immensely!

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