Are You Stressing?

Has the pandemic and the riots been stressing you out?

Everyone feels stress! It’s human nature. How do we deal with stress more effectively? The solution to many of our stressors is taking action to deal with the cause of your stress. Build and strengthen your stress defense! One time-tested, proven method for dealing with stress is exercise! Daily exercise. While you burn off all those calories you are also turning on some chemical reactions in your brain which elevate your mood and sense of well-being!

If you have been trying to think or talk yourself into feeling better about stress – that’s a great start! Research has shown these mental efforts often provide only a short term effect.

Another proven way to eliminate or greatly reduce stress requires focused action. Get rid of the problem! Do you find yourself consistently rushing around in the morning trying to get the little ones off to school? And then running late for work yourself? I swear, I’ll probably be late for my own funeral! Things happen. Stress too often is the result of our own actions – or inactions! Luckily we can take steps to nip it in the bud!

Take a few minutes to jot down a list of the things you must do each morning before you leave the house. Does it take you 20 minutes to shower and get dressed? And another 45 minutes just trying to get the children fed, dressed and ready to hit the door?

Add in the inevitable delays we all seem to encounter. Then add driving time, and a little extra in case you get stuck behind that school bus and …… Well, you get the picture.

When you have a plan for those morning activities you’ll find yourself better prepared to get things done in time. Maybe you can shift some tasks to the night before – laying out clothes, preparing some of the lunches or even shower time. Don’t forget to allow your children – and yourself – plenty of time for sleep. Lack of sleep might only serve to make the stressors in your life seem even worse.

When you plan a little extra time for those unexpected delays we all seem to encounter you might find yourself able to arrive at work early. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a moment or two to yourself before your daily routine kicks into high gear!

Reward yourself for taking action to eliminate some of your stress. Keep going. Maybe you’ll run across other opportunities to eliminate some of your stress factors. Whatever action you take – keep getting plenty of exercise. With a newly acquired good habit, you can soon experience way less stress!

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