Cancel Culture Extended

Since the cancel culture was so popular in 2020 –
While we’re at it……

And these are just a few Ivy League schools

Brown University:

Brown’s founder, the Rev. James Manning, was a slave owner who accepted donations from many slave owners and traders, including the Brown family. The four Brown brothers, a wealthy family from Providence, made their fortune in part by trading slaves.

John — the second born — was the college’s treasurer and used slave laborers to construct campus buildings, including University Hall. Eldest brother Moses — supported by family money — freed his slaves and became an abolitionist, as did his nephew, Nicholas Jr., who became the university’s namesake.

As a side note: Freeing one’s slave(s) doesn’t take the stink of slavery off, evidently. US Grant had ONE slave, it came with his wife. He emancipated him on his own, well before the Civil War, went on to defeat the Confederacy, but was still labeled a slave owner and they pulled down his statue in PoopTown (SF). The jury is still out as to whether this was a justifiable act of protest, a lack of proper education in Nancy Pelosi’s District (since it is much more important to teach buttf*ck 101 instead of history there), or just plain ignorance.


Named for city of Princeton which was named for King William III, Prince William of Orange of the House of Nassau. King William III was King of England 1688 – 1702. Portugal and Britain were the two most ‘successful’ slave-trading countries accounting for about 70% of all Africans transported to the Americas. Britain was the most dominant between 1640 and 1807 and King Willy was the man in charge at the beginning of that.

And while Princeton was removing Woodrow Wilson’s name for racist thinking from everything on campus, they felt free to put their tarnished name on the renamed institutions.


Although Columbia is the feminine personification of the United States (very patriotic), it is a derivative of Christopher Columbus’ last name….. the great colonizer whose statue was removed recently because he was a symbol of imperialism. Ironically, Columbia University only recognizes the fall day off as “Indigenous Peoples Day”, but they have not changed their name.

Yale is named after Elihu Yale who was an American born British merchant, slave trader, President of the East India Company settlement in Fort St. George, at Madras, and a benefactor of the Collegiate School in the Colony of Connecticut, which in 1718 was renamed Yale College in his honor.


Vanderbilt I want Anderson Cooper of CNN fired, he is a Vanderbilt through his mother and they made their fortune on the backs of slaves and were the first to bring slaves South.