Pork in the Stimulus

The House version of the coronavirus stimulus bill – also know as Nancy’s Pork 21 – contains more than $100 million for an underground rail project in Silicon Valley for which planning has been going on for several years but hasn’t yet broken ground. Wait, What? How does this help lessen the sting of the pandemic for Americans?

Family planning, which could include abortion, gets $50 million.

the House bill also includes: subsidies and loan forgiveness to farmers and ranchers on the basis of race and ethnicity;
allowing coronavirus funding to go to colleges that have partnerships with Chinese-controlled companies and Confucius Institutes;
and shelling out $50 million for environmental justice grant programs What???

the proposed bill would also send $1,400 stimulus checks to mixed-status families with undocumented immigrants;

The bill includes another $500 million “to support public health data surveillance and analytics infrastructure modernization initiatives at the CDC.”

The current bill would allow Planned Parenthood to receive Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds designed to keep small businesses afloat.

Remember – Democrats say you can’t give a lethal injection to killers, rapist, pedophiles and school shooters but you can give a lethal injection to an infant