Winter in the Southern Midwest

One of the many blessings of living in Kansas has to be that we get to experience and savor all four seasons. For almost nine months of the year we can enjoy the opportunity to have fun outdoors without the need to dress with multiple layers of clothing. From late April thru early October many a Midwesterner can be spotted wearing shorts during the daylight hours.

And then comes winter. Late Autumn and early Winter are nice. Until it snows or the temperature dips below 40 degrees. Don’t get me wrong – please – Winter is such a beautiful time of year.

For about two weeks.

Once the hope of a white Christmas is past and we embark upon a New Year many people in the Midwest are ready for Spring. More than once during a winter snowstorm I’ve found myself wondering just why in the Sam Hill do I remain in this part of the country.

I mean isn’t that why Miami and Fort Lauderdale are such popular destinations? Why else are so many daily flights to Cancun filled with loads of eager tourists ready for some fun in the nice, warm sun?

Perhaps the single greatest hardship of winter – other than driving thru the snow in a two-wheel drive Saturn – is trying to get outside and play. For those of us who aren’t into Hockey or ice-fishing getting any outdoor fun and exercise is just plain challenging.

Do you have a basement or an extra bedroom that you can convert into your very own fitness center? Get some weights and a jump rope, maybe a rowing machine. Have your very own little entertainment center maybe – complete with some of your favorite exercise videos and music to inspire or get you moving!

If you want fast results – burning more calories in less time, try a good High Intensity Workout like this –

or – you might find this a bit easier on the joints –

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