Do you ever wonder how these 2 won?

Is it really so hard to believe Biden won?

Yes, absolutely YES it is impossible to believe. Here’s why:

Biden is one of the most uninspiring candidates to ever run for the office. Which is why he’s failed twice before in his attempts. He literally campaigned from his basement, hid from any challenging press questions and can’t complete a coherent sentence half the time.

He named a VP who also ran against him and who Democrats rejected in the primaries.

He’s been in public office for 50 years with ZERO accomplishments. He has an overtly racist history, pushed the 94 Crime Bill that led to mass incarceration of minorities and Kamala Harris happily enforced it in California.

Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” – Robert Gates, Obama’s Defense Secretary.

He led the attack on Clarence Thomas during his SCOTUS confirmation that now Justice Thomas characterized as a “high tech lynching.”

No matter how people feel about Trump, there is NO, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO logical explanation for Biden winning.

Trump INCREASED his votes over 2016. But we’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden outperformed both Hillary Clinton AND Barack Obama. Joe Biden did that? Really?

Can you honestly, with a straight face, say it’s plausible that Joe Biden inspired record voter turnout exceeding Clinton and Obama. Enough to even overcome the fact that Trump won huge percentages (for a Republican) of traditionally Democrat voters, Blacks, Hispanics, etc.

Does anyone REALLY find any of that believable?