Are you approaching that magical age 65? Maybe you’ve seen the endless ads for Medicare benefits on TV or in print?

Welcome to Medicare

Whether you are turning 65 soon or have already – your choices are plentiful!

Joe Namath can frequently be seen reminding us Baby-Boomers that you “May qualify” for free gym memberships, free Over-the-Counter items , and the ultimate promise of Medicare Givebacks each month! Some plans offer dental and vision benefits.

Did your parents ever warn you “If it sounds too good to be true” …….well, You know the rest….

Kind of makes you wonder – just how can they offer such great benefits? As the late great radio legend – Paul Harvey – used to remind us about “what’s the Rest of the Story”!

If you will soon be joining a Medicare Plan you might find yourself a bit confused by the endless TV spots , maybe unwanted phone calls. Be careful who you listen to. And what you say!

Maybe you’d feel more comfortable speaking with a local expert. We can help you find a plan to meet your needs. Call (316) 749-8148. How can we help you today?